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Dated: July 17 2020

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The Home Buying Process

The Buyer's Advantage

As the home buyer, your agent's commission is paid by the seller of the home in almost all circumstances.  This means your representation costs you nothing

Meet with a Real Estate Professional

Discuss the type of home you're looking for, including style, price, and location.

Get Pre-Approved

You will need pay stubs, W2s, and bank statements. Knowing what you can afford is critical to a successful home shopping experience.

Advanced Search

Not all real estate websites are the same. Your real estate professional has tools and systems to ensure you see every available home that meets your criteria.

Search for Homes

The fun part! Your agent will schedule showings and help you find the perfect home.

Make an Offer

Your agent will prepare the offer based on the price and terms you choose.

The Contract

In most cases, the contract provides you with a timeline to obtain financing, as well as time to inspect the physical condition of the home.  Your real estate professional will inform you of all your rights and responsibilities related to the contract.

Negotiation and Contract

It may take a few tried to get it just right, but hang in there. You're on your way!

In Escrow / Under Contract

You and the Seller have agreed to the price and terms.  The home is effectively held for you until closing.

Preparing for Closing

You will be finalizing your loan, reviewing documents, and discussing the findings from the inspection. Your agent will be managing this entire process for you.

Final Details

Perform due diligence, order the appraisal, conduct an inspection, and review terms with the lender.


This is the transfer of funds and ownership.  A title company or an attorney typically acts as an independent third party to facilitate the closing.

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