The Home Selling Process

Selling your home is a big deal. Even though you may have sold a few homes in prior years, the rules, regulations, and disclosure requirements surrounding real estate transactions are changing all the time. The penalties are pretty severe when things go wrong. Experienced real estate professionals sell more homes in a month than most sellers do in a decade.  We are well versed in the process and requirements of real estate transactions. It's worth it to at least speak with a real estate professional regarding the sale of your home. 

I achieved my Seller Residential Specialist® designation in 2020, which means selling homes is my specialty.  Less than 2% of agents in the country hold this designation.  Below is a simple illustration of my process for helping clients achieve their individual home selling goals.


1. Schedule your Listing Consultation

There's no commitment required on your part for the initial meeting. It will be educational and help you identify your next steps. My goal is to simply identify your goals and provide you with options based on best practices and my professional experience.

2. Establish a Price

As a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor®, I will present to you a comprehensive market analysis, which will help you set an asking price (a lot of times during the initial consultation).  This analysis will look at the sales price of homes similar to yours and in the same neighborhood/area.  As difficult as it may be, it's important to review the market analysis and consider your home price objectively.

3. Prepare Your Home

Another aspect of my professional consultation is to help you identify possible obstacles to achieving your home selling goals. View your home through the eyes of the buyer and ask yourself what you'd expect.  I will offer some useful suggestions for helping your home appeal to the widest range of buyers.

4. List it for Sale

When everything is in place I'll put your home on the open market.  It's critical you make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to view your home.  Potential buyers may ask to see your home on short notice. It's best if you can accommodate these requests, you never want to miss a potential sale.

5. Offers and Negotiations

If everything goes well, a buyer (and most often the agent who represents them) will present your agent with an offer. There may even be multiple offers presented. I will review each and every offer with you, explaining the benefits and risks of each.  You will have the opportunity to either accept, deny, or counter any offer based on its merits.

6. Under Contract

At this point, you and the buyer have agreed to all of the terms of the offer and both parties have signed the agreements. The "Binding Agreement Date" is the beginning of all deadlines related to contingencies or other terms of the offer.

7. Final Details

While under contract, the buyer will work with their mortgage provider to finalize the land and perform other due diligence.  The buyer will usually perform a physical inspection of the home. They will likely ask you to make certain repairs based on the recommendations of the inspection report.  I will explain all of your options regarding the inspection and repair requests.

8. Closing

This is the transfer of funds and ownership. Depending on when the buyer moves into the home (typically on the closing date in our area) you will need to be all packed up and moved out prior to the buyer's move-in date.

Next Steps

Are you ready to start the process of selling your home?  Begin today by completing my Seller's Questionnaire and scheduling your Listing Consultation.

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